5 Useful Tricks to Help Improve Your Passive Income


Create a Schedule: Creating a weekly schedule for what you want to accomplish each day can be really helpful to allow you to be organised and have more control over what you need to do accomplish on a daily basis. You will be able to follow your schedule, remain decisive and on top of what you need to complete.


Increase Diversity: Another great trick to improve your passive income is by taking on more projects that can generate more earnings by using different revenue streams. For example, if you are currently running a blog that has links to market affiliating and you’re not generating as much income as you would like to have, make a conscious effort to look into similar or completely different projects that you can work on in additional to your existing projects. This will help you to build a portfolio of completed and on-going projects. It also pushes you to learn new areas that can increase your overall passive income.



Engage in Social Media: Social media is made up of vast networks of people who are online and ready to engage in your world of work. Whether it is Twitter, Facebook or Google+, get involved with as many social network streams as you possibly can to increase your chances of gaining new followers/supporters to your work portfolio and to specific projects you’re working on. For example, if you are posting YouTube videos every day then Twitter to your YouTube channel so that every time you post a new video, Twitter sends an automated post out to your followers and viewers. You could also choose to link Adsense to your account so that you can earn a small cut from the purchases that your viewers make through the ads on your videos.


Stay Consistent: With any form of passive income it’s important to stay consistent with whatever you are working on and towards. If you’re running a blog, then make every effort to post a blog post every day, week or month depending on your chosen schedule. The same applies for advertising your merchandise. Being consistent with your posting schedule will increase your sales. Utilise your time to get the things done that are important consistently, this way you will be able to build a rhythm from which you can build upon  in the future, to improve your work ethic and ability to get into the flow of your work more easily.


Email Marketing: With the many email platforms available, a great way to reach out to people is to use your preferred mailing system, such as Outlook, Gmail etc and start forming a mailing list where you can send emails out to certain recipients with a promotion for your products, posts, etc. For example, if you’re trying to gain more recognition for your newly released EBook, you can create a short email explaining what the EBook is about and providing a link to purchase the EBook. If you’re trying to gain attraction to your blog, send an email out to intended recipients with details of what your blog is about and a link to your blog. You could also go as far to send a new email out every time you post but be aware that this can be considered as spamming and some people may choose to unsubscribe from your updates.

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