How to Invest With Only $1000

If you have a pot of money aside of $1000 ready to invest, what can invest in? And what are the ways? To a lot of new investors it seems simple enough to go to a brokerage firm and open an account however there is more to the investment than just that alone. Furthermore, your application won’t count if you don’t deposit a certain sum of money.

Get To Know the Markets


The best way to invest $1000 is to simply know the markets before actually purchasing anything. There are actually brokerages and platforms that offer test accounts for you to try out with play money, this helps you to gain knowledge and experience of what their platform or services are like, so that you can choose the best, without having to actually dig into your pocket. You could use $1000 to learn how to invest in stocks and on one of the many courses that can teach you how to manage your investments.

Think About the Future


When you invest into something, you need to think ahead and concentrate your energy on planning and estabilising your future so that in long term scheme of things you have more clarity and hope in succeeding in your investment. Think about how you can build your wealth, increase income and your saving rates to succeed in your investment process.

Open a Money Market Account


Instead of using a savings account, you can stash your money into a money market account that allows you to hold your money into the account and earn interest whilst you choose your different investment options and seeking information to develop your wealth and success.

Fractional Shares


Opting for fractional shares allows you to get the most out of every dollar that you have. By using your existing $1000 and opening an account through a platform like Sharebuilder, and also choosing from a variety of investments that are available such as stocks and in mutual funds.
It also helps to make a schedule to deposit funds to your account either on a weekly or monthly basis; this gives you an opportunity to gain additional shares without the need for spending a large amount of money.
Mutual Funds
When going through the process of investing it is incredibly important to pick the right stocks. Mutual funds have a lot of guesswork to work out the process and to research to find the right investment for you.
By researching mutual funds and comparing the different funds available you are able to find the one that is right for you. It’s also important to pay close attention to the level of risk that is involved in each mutual fund and any associated fees. It is worth noting that although high-risk can equal high-reward, you may want to start with lower-risk options to increase your funds slowly over time.

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