How To Save Money On Personal Bills

Figuring out how to spend less money can be difficult. With your current lifestyle, you are used to things and how they move forward. However, with some simple changes, you can start saving money that you did not think you had.


  • Having a car is a huge drain on your money. If possible, try to limit your auto usage as much as you can. Take public transportation or carpool to work to save on gas, insurance and maintenance.
  • Selling your vehicle can be beneficial, especially if it is barely used. You can use the funds to pay off debt or boost your savings account.
  • Maintain your car for optimal fuel-consumption. One way you can do this is to keep your tires inflated.

Energy Bills

  • With all of the technology going around, it makes sense that some things will help to make your usage less harmful to the environment and also your wallet.
  • Installing LED or CFL light bulbs will help you to save more than four times the energy that incandescent bulbs use. Also, turn lights and other appliances off when not in use.
  • Power strips and timers can help you to control your energy consumption. Also, unplug anything that is hardly used, only plugging it in when needed.


  • Cooking and packing your meals at home will not just save money, but food. Reducing the amount of time you eat out or get take-away will seriously help.
  • Starting a garden to produce the vegetables and herbs that you regularly use can help with produce costs and can even be profitable.
  • Buying non name branded products is not a bad thing. The generic products are usually just as good, if not the same as name brand ones. Check the ingredients to see how similar they are and give it a try. You may find something new that you never thought you would like will save you a ton of money.


  • There is more entertainment than you may think. Cutting down on these costs can help to considerably lower your outgoings.
  • Going to the local library or attending community gathering will save much more money than buying tickets for movies or concerts.
  • Cut down on the subscriptions that you have, especially if you do not use them. Newspapers, magazines, and even streaming services all play a role in using your hard earned money.

Consumable Habits

Those consumable habits like drinking and smoking take a toll on your budget.

  • Quit smoking. Yes, I know, it is hard. However, it will save you a considerable amount of money each year.
  • Cutting down on your alcohol consumption can also save you money as it’s a very expensive commodity. Your wallet will appreciate you cutting back, as will your liver if you are a regular consumer.

Whether you are trying to save money or get out of debt, it is not too hard to cut down costs in places that you might not think about. Consider making some changes to get your life on track. You will not regret it, especially in the long run.

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