Top Ways to Earn Passive Income

Passive income is a very satisfying & rewarding process. If you created a popular EBook and sold many copies online for example, your bank account would be flooding with money from your sales; the beauty of passive income methods is that you can just lay back and watch the money come in.

Set Up a Blog


It’s so easy to create a blog these days and once you do, you can form a blog based around your niche and associate yourself with Market Affiliate links. These links are given to you by companies that want their products to be promoted to attract sales. The links would then be added to your blog posts and would earn you an income if a visitor clicks on the link and ultimately makes a purchase. If you already have an existing member base that regularly visit your site, this can work very well and far more quickly than someone who has yet to build a follower base.

Upload Photography


Another great way to earn passive income is by capturing your own photos and uploading them to sites such as Shutterstock and IStockPhoto, both of these websites allow you to sign up and start selling your photos. They may offer you a fixed percentage or a flat fee for each photo that is purchased from you by a client.
With using this platform, many different people may purchase your photos which can result in far more purchases than trying to market and sell your photos independently. Depending on how many people buy them, you could potentially be making a decent income just by simply selling photographs.

Write an EBook


Selling EBooks are becoming increasingly popular and consistent within the online networks that promote eBooks that authors have self-published. The initial writing process can be hard work, but once that has been completed, you find your market source and get your book on a platform that can sell your EBook for you. Amazon’s KDP (Kindle) service is a well-known service that is fit for such a purpose. You can make a decent income by doing this, especially if you have written quite a few EBooks based on popular niches.

Sell Unwanted Possessions


We all have items in our home that are just hidden away gathering dust, the good news is that there are many ways to earn an income by selling the items you no longer have use for. There are a range of online websites, such as EBay, Amazon, Gumtree and more recently Shpock , that provide this service. All you would need to do is set up an account with any of these sites, take pictures of your items and the selling process begins instantly!

Make YouTube Videos


YouTube is a very popular streaming site that allows people from all over the world to upload and share their videos of practically anything, from makeup tutorials to prank videos. There is so much variety with YouTube that there is no saying that one cannot find their own success on the platform. Moreover YouTube videos can be connected to Google’s Ad Sense feature, which adds advertisements to every video and whenever someone clicks on your video and on the ad, you earn money.

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